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We use Brother Project RUNWAY Limited Edition Sewing Machines.
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Sewing back music video a parady of Justin Timberlake's Sexy Back by Jamie Marie Harris at Love to Sew Studio.
We made this Music Video Just Because It Was Fun To Do!

Free  Easy to Sew Halloween Projects and Ideas: Check out our Fall Quilts and Autumn Crafts including our new "Not So Scary Lil' Monsters" doll collection.


How to sew a zipper-mouth Frankenstein pillow for Halloween.

What I love about making Frankenstein crafts is because of his reputation of being sewn together as a monster in the books and movies, he is so forgiving when it comes to sewing mistakes. So when creating a Frankenstein craft, you can zig-zag, skip stitches, sew crooked and no one will know the better!

Zipper-Mouth Frankenstein Face Pillow

Free directions on easy to sew Country fabric pumpkins.

Now you can make my number one selling craft item of all time! In the 20 years of selling my handmade holiday crafts, these quick and easy to sew pumpkins were the hottest item.

Country Fabric Pumpkins

Learn how to sew these adorable candy corn decorations for the fall time.

These adorable fabric candy corns will look great anywhere in your home during the Autumn season!  Buy darker fabrics for a more prim look with these fabric candy corns. Try a rust print for the orange, dark cream for the white, and a golden rod color for the yellow!  They're Sew Easy to make.

A bowl full of fabric Candy Corn

How to make a fall verison of a snowman... a Pumpkinman!

Here is our Fall version of a snowman... a Pumpkinman! He is rustic, primitive, and easy to put together!

Primitive Rustic Pumpkinman

Free fall sewing pattern: Make Halloween fabric candle rings like pumpkins, candy corn, and a little witch's hat.

With a little bit of time and little bits of left-over fabric scraps from your fall crafting projects, you can make these fabric candle rings to wrap around your favorite fall scented candles in no time at all!
County Pumpkin Candle Ring
Fabric Candy Corn Candle Ring
Little Witch's Hat Candle Ring

This craft would make a great craft for young school children to make.

Ghosts in Tree Branch Centerpiece - Halloween Craft

Free DIY Halloween directions for Abigail & Barnabas the friendly ghost couple made from quilt batting and cheese cloth.

This charming ghost couple is made to look a little bit scary and old, as if they have come up right from the grave yard. But having Walt Disney World's "Haunted Mansion" ghost ride in mind while I was creating these, I wanted their appearance to be cute as well. So I embellished them with big eyes and a black hair bow for Abigail the smaller ghost, and a black bow tie for Barnabas the ghost who has his arms up to scare people! These friendly ghosts are coffee stained to look old and baked in the oven for a quick dry. Add a little pumpkin to the standing ghost couple and you have yourself a nice Halloween center-piece.

Abigail & Barnabas the friendly ghost couple made from quilt batting and cheese cloth

Your American Girl Doll will enjoy Trick-or-Treating in the Halloween Costumes you can make her. No Patterns needed, all of our costumes are made from tracing a luncheon plate!

m&m American Girl Halloween Costume
Bumble Bee American Girl Halloween Costume
Pumpkin American Girl Halloween Costume
Bat Girl Halloween Costume

Witches, Pumpkins, Ghosts, and Black Cats, oh my... This Halloween character quilt was a blast to make!

 Halloween Character Quilt

Free Halloween craft - How to sew a cute pumpkin doll.

How to Sew: a Cute Pumpkin Doll

How to make an easy to sew "Son of Frankenstein" Halloween doll.

How to Make a "Son of Frankenstein" Halloween Doll


How to sew a quick and easy Halloween apron.

How to Sew a: Halloween Apron

Black Cat Silhoutte Here's a cute Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin Face Quilted Wall Hanging that is easy to sew and perfect for our front door to invite guests in at Halloween time.

Let this cut Jack-O-Lantern Quilted Wall Hanging greet your Trick-or-Treaters! This charming Halloween pumpkin craft is easy to sew and fun to display.

 Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin Face Quilted Wall Hanging

How to sew a Halloween quilted ribbon candle mat.

Besides making crafts, quilts, and baking during the fall and winter, burning scented candles is my next favorite thing to do. This quilted ribbon candle mat is a spooktacular way to spice up your Halloween candles!

Halloween Quilted Ribbon Candle Mat

Free Autumn sewing pattern - How to sew a quilted autumn table runner.

This Autumn appliqué table runner is the perfect decoration for entertaining your family and friends during the fall season.

Small Autumn Appliqué Table Runner

How to sew some scary Halloween Stockings.

Halloween Stockings were hung by the fireplace...

Free Autumn sewing project - How to sew tapestry upholstery pumpkins.

With sample upholstery, drapery, or tapestry fabric squares and pretty ribbon you can stitch up these elegant pumpkins for Thanksgiving.

How to Sew Tapestry Upholstery Pumpkins

How to make a very easy to sew mini felt candy corn bag for Halloween treats.

How to Make: a Very Easy to Sew Mini Felt Candy Corn Treat Bag


Free Fall Sewing pattern - How to sew reversible Halloween and Thanksgiving placemats.

How to make: Reversible Thanksgiving/Halloween Placemats


Using sample Upholstery fabrics you can sew this adorable candy corn pillow in no time.

This project is not only an elegant addition to your Autumn decorations, but it's easy and free to make! All you need is upholstery fabric samples and basic sewing supplies to put this candy corn pillow together.

Candy Corn Pillow from Sample Tapestry & Upholstery Fabrics



MORE Autumn Crafts, Harvest Dolls, and Fall Quilts to Stitch Up:

Free Halloween sewing project - How to sew a vintage Halloween pillow.

Bring back the Halloween spirit of yesteryears with this adorable, vintage-inspired pillow. It is simple to make, would fit beautifully in a shabby-chic home, and would make a fantastic gift for a grandparent.

Vintage-Inspired Halloween Pillow

How to sew a raggedy pumpkin for fall decorating.

Ripped fabric, sewing straight lines, and fall embellishments are all it takes to make these primitive raggedy pumpkins. You'd better make a few, because once your guests see these prim pumpkins, they are going to want one!

 Primitive Raggedy Pumpkins

Love Your Home: Table Place  Setting Ideas for Halloween & Thanksgiving

Autumn Harvest Raggedy Quilt with appliquéd leaves


Learn to sew a cute black cat silhoutte Halloween Pillow with these free directions.

The simplicity of a black cat silhouetted against solid orange is a classic Halloween image! Here, you can use the same instructions to make this into a Halloween pillow or a Mini Decorative Halloween Quilt.

Black Cat Silhouette Halloween Pillow

How to Sew a Candy Corn Cat Silhouette Pillow.

Quick and Easy Halloween Silhouette Placemats

Learn how to appliqué by using the zigzag stitch for this handmade spider pillow! The spider sure looks handsome with his bow tie!

 Halloween Spider Pillow

This easy treat bag is perfect for handing out to trick-or-treaters! It's simple to make and fun to give!

This easy Halloween treat bag is perfect for handing out to trick-or-treaters! It's simple to make and fun to give!

Trick-or-Treat Goodie Bags


These pumpkin doilies add a rustic, shabby-chic feel to your autumn decor.

These pumpkin doilies add a rustic, shabby-chic feel to your autumn decor. Also called fabric yo-yo's, you will need a simple circle pattern and scraps of fabric! You don't even need a sewing machine...

 Pumpkin yo-yo Doily

Country prim coaster are not only decorative, they'll keep your coffee mugs from staining your favorite table!

Country prim coaster are not only decorative, they'll keep your coffee mugs from staining your favorite table! The harvest-themed coasters are simple to make and are excellent house warming gifts.

Autumn time Raggedy Coasters

This Halloween Trick-or-Treat bag is easy to make for kids and adults alike. Once Halloween is over, it can be stored away until next year!!!

This Halloween Trick-or-Treat bag is easy to make for kids and adults alike. Once Halloween is over, it can be stored away until next year!!!

Make your own Trick - or - Treat Bag

Using a doll that is ready made, cheese cloth, and 2 buttons or snaps for eyes, you can make this too cute bendable mummy doll in less than 5 minutes!

Okay, so yes, this is totally cheating because we're using a doll that is ready made, but how cares! He is too cute in all his bendable positions and he only takes 5 minutes to make!

 Too Cute Bendable Mummy Doll

These adorable Halloween character finger puppets are easy to make by just using little scraps of felt that you would normally throw away!

Don't throw away those little scraps of felt ... You can make these cute Halloween character finger puppets using paint and felt scraps!

Adorable Little Halloween Character Finger Puppets

How to Make a Cute Halloween Black Fur Cat Pillow from just two pieces of square fabric.

These black fur cat pillows are the cat's meow! All you need are two square pieces of black fabric and some embellishments! They feel right at home in my Halloween black cat collection. I just love how they look and how easy they are to make!

 Halloween Black Fur Cat Pillows

After a recent visit to Salem, Mass. and seeing how everyone was in the Halloween spirit wearing little witch hat headbands, I decided to make my niece one in white for up coming Halloween wedding. You can make this in black too! And no pattern needed.


Free Halloween sewing pattern on how to sew an adorable pumpkin bib.

This Halloween pumpkin Baby Bib will look adorable on your little one, even if it's covered in pumpkin pie! To make it, you will need scraps of fabric and felt, double fold bias tape, rick-rack, and a small piece of quilt batting.

Halloween Pumpkin Baby Bib

"Skully" Made From Quilt Batting Scraps!

"Skully" Made From Quilt Batting Scraps!

Free directions on how to sew a pumpkin hot pad.

This gorgeous quilted pumpkin hot pad can also be used as an Autumn doily. Just place it under a candy dish, photo frame, or your favorite Autumn decorative piece.

Pumpkin Doily / Pumpkin Hot Pad

Make your pet an "m" & "m" Halloween Costume this year

How to sew a candle ring.

Fall Harvest Candle Ring

How to sew a pumpkin with a black witch hat.

This Jack-O-Lantern with a witch's hat is made with felt, beans, and stuffing. He sits up on his own and you can make him as large or small as you'd like.

Felt Pumpkin with Witch's Hat

How to sew quilted leaf decorations for the fall.

These country prim, harvest-colored quilted autumn leaves can be used as hot pads or decorations for your kitchen table. Want to add some spice? Before you sew up the hole, add some whole cloves. The scent of fall, yum!

Harvest Quilted Autumn Leaves

How to make: A Spooky Picture Family Tree /scrap booking style

Mini Halloween Quilt

Free Halloween sewing project on how to sew a cute pumpkinhead pillow.

Mr. Pumpkinhead

Unique ideas to decorate your pumpkins during Halloween time.

Is it me or do those carving kits you buy for your pumpkins never look the way you want them to? If you'd like your yard and porch to look unique and festive, here are two ways to do something different with your pumpkins this year.

 Don't Carve a Pumpkin..., Decorate it!



Not So Scary Lil' Monsters, Creatures, and Zombies

"Lil' Frankie"


"Lil' Zombie Annie"


"Baby Dracs"


"One Eyed Nerdy Albert"


"Ballerina Candy Corny"


"Lil' Mumm"



EAT, SEW, & be SCARY... more Halloween

Free Patterns











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