Need some Halloween Costume Ideas?




Well, times a ticking, and it's that time of the year again,... Halloween.  Do you have a unique Halloween costume? The above photos show 3 different ways you can acquire a Halloween costume this year.  The photo to the right shows typical costumes that were bought at your local Halloween shop, which anyone can do, but you risk others having the same costume.  The photo to the left shows a replica of the "picnic dress" that Natalie Portman wore in Star Wars II as Queen Amadala.  This dress (gown) was designed and handmade from head to toe.  NO ONE else will have this Halloween costume, but you have to either know how to sew or hire someone.  The center photo shows a family who didn't buy a Halloween costume or make one.  They took parts of everyday clothing, added a wig, hat, boots, chains, and made themselves look awesome using artistic ways with Halloween make-up, hair dye, hair style, and paint.

Most of us get our ideas for Halloween costumes from books we've read or movies we've seen. Let's face it, even the Halloween retail costume makers get their ideas from there.


Both photos: everything down to the books was handmade.



Halloween fun starts with creating your costume, so make it unique, make it fun, be creative.  Make it work!


Halloween Game ideas

Decorate a Scarecrow - each team gets a bag full of clothes, hat, straw, markers, stuffing, rope, and muslin fabric.  Give them a certain amount of time and they must make and decorate a scarecrow. The best scarecrow wins.

Halloween Scary Hunt - each team or individual must find things on your list. Make the items they have to find scary or having to do with Halloween. Have some things hidden outside in the dark, and have scary music playing.

Sumo wrestling - each team gets an XXL size sweatshirt and a bag of balloons.  Each team picks one sumo wrestler who puts on the big shirt. The others on the team must blow up and knot the balloons and put them in the big shirt.  The first team done wins but all the balloons must be in the shirt!  This game is guaranteed to be a blast at Halloween.


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