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The Bohemian Hippie Chick Look

DIY Tutorial for How to Make a Long free-spirited drawstring Skirt!

You can make this long free spirited hippie chick drawstring skirt, no patterns needed.

Find a printed cotton or linen to make this long, free-spirited drawstring skirt. You will learn how to change the pressure foot of your machine, how to make a buttonhole, and how to make a casing. 

Find a printed cotton or linen to make this long, free-spirited drawstring skirt.

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To make this long free-spirited drawstring skirt, first sew your side seam together.

First, let's make the rectangle that will be your skirt. No need for a pattern, we're going to be making it by measurements.

Measure from your waist to the floor. This is length of the skirt. 

Measure around the widest area of your hips/bottom. Add this length to 1/2 of this length. The total number will be your width. If you instead would like a full (highly gathered) skirt, add 3/4 of your length, or double it. 

Cut one piece of your fabric using the dimension you’ve just measured, lengthwise along the salvage edge.

With right sides together, pin down the two long sides, matching raw edges. Stitch using a 5/8” seam allowance.  

Once your side seam is sewn, press the seam open.

Press open your seam. 
Use a zigzag seam to finish the raw edges, also known as seam finishing. Zigzag seam finish the raw edges of your side seams separately. This is done by placing the raw edge of the fabric in the center of your pressure foot, and zigzagging right along that edge. It should keep your fabric from fraying. 
Fold up fabric and sew. Choose a short end to be your top. (They should be the same, so it doesn’t matter which.) All the way around in a circle, fold over 1/4” to the ugly side of the fabric. Pin and stitch.
Learn to make a button hole. With wrong sides out, hold your skirt in front of you, with your side seams at the sides. Find the center front, and make a mark with tailor’s chalk or a fabric marker 1 1/2” beneath the top that you have sewn. Measure on inch to the right of that mark and draw a line. Then measure one inch to the left of that mark and drawl a line. 
Measure your button or the size of the button hole. These lines should be slightly longer than the length of your button. 
Attach the buttonhole foot to the machine. Using a buttonhole foot, make two button holes: one on each of the lines that you have drawn. 
Using the curved edge of a seam ripper, create the hole inside the stitching of the button hole. Seam-rip down the center of the buttonhole to create the hole. Turn fabric out to the right side. 
You can make this long free-spirited drawstring skirt. At your buttonhole, fold over the top of the skirt to the wrong side of the fabric, and tack in place with a pin. Make sure the width of the fold is small enough that your buttonholes do not get folded to the inside of your skirt. (This should be around 3/4” folded over.) Turn your fabric back so that the wrong side is facing you. Fold and pin the top all the way around at the width you have just tacked down. Stitch along the bottom edge. 
You can sew this long free-spirited drawstring skirt. To finish your casing, stitch around the top edge. 
Use the tri-fold method to make your drawstring fabric. To make your “string”, cut one piece of fabric three times the length of your hips/bottom and 3” wide. Fold the top half to the center, lengthwise. Iron.
Use the tri-fold method to make your fabric drawstrings. Then, fold the bottom half to the center, lengthwise. Iron. Finally, fold the strap down the center lengthwise. Iron.
Sew the tri-fold fabric pieces to create the drawstring. Sew together along the edge. 
Using a safety pin, bring the string into one buttonhole, through the casing, and out the other. Make sure to pin down the end of your string, so that it doesn’t slip all the way through the casing. 
Tie knots at the ends of your fabric drawstrings. Not the ends of your string. 
Double fold the hem to finish your free-spirited drawstring skirt. Double-fold up the bottom edge and pin all the way around. Stitch close to the side near the fabric. 

Below are two other versions of the handmade Bohemian Hippie Chick long skirt. Melanie on the left, made hers from a lightweight brown sweater fabric to wear also as a bathing suit cover-up. Megan on the right made her long skirt from a blue batik cotton summer fabric to wear for casual dinning when her family eats out.

Melanie in her long Bohemian hippie chick drawstring skirt she made.

Megan makes a trendy drawstring waistband long skirt for summer!


Now you can make our simple gathered skirt that we featured in VOGUE magazine too, with our easy to follow skirt tutorial.

A simple gathered skirt tutorial that was shown in Vogue magazine.

Simple Gathered Skirt - With this quick and easy skirt tutorial, you will be able to sew a whole new wardrobe in a weekend! This easy-to-sew skirt is our number one recommended project for our new sewing students in the studio, and it can be found in many colors, prints, and fabrics on the runway in our annual fashion show! We even showed the skirt in our ad for VOGUE magazine!


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